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Veteran-Owned Catering Business Delights Northbrook, Illinois

Perry Mandera

For 30 years Perry Mandera has led the successful transcontinental transportation enterprise The Custom Companies, Inc. In addition to being a leading provider of transportation logistics, Perry Mandera is a retired Marine who supports efforts to help U.S. military veterans successfully reintegrate to civilian life and find employment.

One specific business Mr. Mandera helped get off the ground is the Two Soldiers and a Marine Food Truck. Founded by three veterans, the mobile catering company is known for its delicious barbecued meat. The truck is recognizable by its U.S. Marine dress-blue color.

The three co-partners of the business are Dan Elsner, who served as a machine gunner for the 1st Battalion 9th Marines Weapons Company in Ramadi, Iraq; Anthony Colquitt, who served in Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan and deployed in support of Hurricane Katrina relief efforts; and Adam Rukavina, who has served as a Senior Scout and radio operator for the National Guard.

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