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Tips on Creating LinkedIn Profiles for Former Marines

Perry Mandera

Since founding The Custom Companies, Inc., in 1986, Perry Mandera has provided transportation services to clients throughout North America. Perry Mandera previously served as a United States Marine and supports the Marines For Life Network (M4L), which operates a LinkedIn Group containing 3,500 members to help transitioning and former marines connect with potential employers. Here are some tips for former marines on how to create a strong LinkedIn profile.

1. Profile picture. Use a professional profile picture, rather than something you might use on a more casual social network such as Facebook. Ideally, your picture should show you in civilian clothes and convey key traits employers look for, including likability and competence.
2. Stay active. Much like with any other social network, failure to stay active on your LinkedIn profile will lead to other users ignoring you. Update your status regularly, comment on others’ posts, and contribute useful information to any groups you join.
3. Create a complete profile. LinkedIn provides notifications to users whose profiles are incomplete. Follow these guidelines to create a comprehensive profile that goes into great deal about everything from your education and work history to your personal and professional accomplishments.

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