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The WCPF Back-to-School Drive Collects School Supplies

Perry Mandera

For more than 40 years, Perry Mandera has worked in the transportation industry. He serves as the president of The Custom Companies, Inc., where he supervises all operations of the national transportation and logistics provider. In addition, Perry Mandera is on the board of directors of several organizations, including the Walter and Connie Payton Foundation (WCPF).

Dedicated to helping stabilize the lives of those in need, WCPF hosts several projects and events throughout the year, including its annual Back-to-School Drive. This event provides Illinois children with essential school supplies.
WCPF collects supplies through school drives held by individuals and businesses throughout the state. Each person or company must register with WCPF by fax or e-mail. All supplies collected through these drives are sent to the WCPF warehouse to be sorted and placed into backpacks. The backpacks are then distributed directly to the families and schools who requested assistance from WCPF.

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