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The Mission of The Custom Companies, Inc.

Perry Mandera

For more than 30 years, Perry Mandera has served as president of The Custom Companies, Inc., a logistics provider that offers transportation solutions across North America, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. Throughout the years, Perry Mandera has strived to give his customers a one-stop shop for all of their logistics needs.

Over the past three decades, The Custom Companies, Inc., has grown from a two-truck enterprise into a nationwide distribution network containing more than 2,000 different machines. The one thing that hasn’t changed, however, is the company’s commitment to providing the most comprehensive transportation and logistics experience possible, treating customers with respect and courtesy in the process.

The driving force behind the company’s culture is its ability to customize solutions for any client, large or small. No matter the size of the operation, the company’s staff works with focus and excellence to ensure things are done correctly the first time, every time. Reminders of these goals adorn the walls of all the company’s facilities as a reminder of these high standards.

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