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The Custom Companies' Dock Management System

Perry Mandera

For over three decades, Perry Mandera has served as the president of The Custom Companies, Inc., growing it into a large transportation logistics company serving clients across the globe. Innovating to stay ahead, Perry Mandera’s company developed a proprietary dock management system (DMS) to improve its freight control.

The Custom Companies’ revolutionary system is completely paperless and utilizes each cargo’s individual bar code to match it with its destination’s zip code. Previously, dockworkers at regional distribution centers would receive a written manifest from the supervisor telling them where a shipment was and where it was going. After completing that assignment, the dockworkers would return for the next assignment. This not only slowed down delivery times, but it was costly and prone to human errors.

However, with The Custom Companies’ DMS, each shipment has a bar code that identifies it and reveals its destination. Dockworkers use digital devices with bar code readers to identify shipments and transport them to their correct destinations. Through Wi-Fi connectivity at the distribution center, supervisors can send four to five assignments at a time, arranged in order of priority, increasing efficiency and turnaround time.
The system also reduces errors. When there’s damage to a shipment, dockworkers note it on their device, locking it across the system until a supervisor enters a code to reopen it. In addition, the loading docks have doors equipped with bar code readers that only allow shipments designated for that specific dock. For example, if a dockworker attempts to scan a California-bound shipment to a Florida-bound load, the system locks itself until the supervisor reopens it.

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