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Identifying and Marketing to New Business Prospects

Perry Mandera

An award-winning business leader in Chicago, Perry Mandera serves as chief executive officer of The Custom Companies, Inc. As the head of the transportation and logistics company, Perry Mandera manages daily operations while securing and maintaining new business accounts.

As an entrepreneur, learning how to source new clients will make you better at getting leads and converting them into satisfied customers. Start by identifying your ideal customers. Simply identifying mothers between the ages of 25 and 35, for example, is not enough. You must determine who they are and where they are from, as well as their tastes, income levels, and buying habits. It’s important to be as specific as possible in identifying your target market. After identifying your ideal customers, recognize the problems they face and position your product as the solution.
Finally, find your ideal customers. Using the data you’ve gathered about them, figure out where they spend their time and market to them there. If your target clients are at trade shows, conventions, and community forums, be there. If they are always online connecting on social networks, advertise there. If they shop at certain malls or eat at certain restaurants, consider partnering with these businesses for a joint deal or offer that builds your brand’s awareness.

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