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Dimensioning Technologies - Enhancing Shipment Efficiencies

Perry Mandera

Perry Mandera has led The Custom Companies, Inc., in Chicago, Illinois, for more than three decades, and has committed to providing responsive commercial transportation solutions. Employing the latest technologies, Perry Mandera guided the introduction of dimensioning technologies to the company in early 2016.

This change reflected an overall industry trend moving away from traditional class-based pricing structures when defining less-than-load (LTL) shipments. Measuring freight by its three dimensional characteristics increases efficiency, as the exact number of cubic feet required allows for proper loading. The end result is that trailers are utilized at maximum capacity, the number of truckloads decrease, and a more cost effective and sustainable approach to transportation takes hold.
The impetus for this shift was a scanning system installed at the Los Angeles and Chicago terminals in 2015. Employing a ceiling scanner, five images are taken of each item to be shipped, with dimensions captured in less than four seconds. In addition, 360-degree access enables easy pallet placement and facilitates an optimized freight workflow.

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