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Basketball Defensive Stance Tips

Perry Mandera

A seasoned entrepreneur and transportation executive, Perry Mandera founded The Custom Companies, Inc., in 1986. Since then, he has been providing a wide range of transportation and logistics services to customers, all of which can be accessed under one roof. Away from his professional duties, Perry Mandera has coached a number of youth sports, including basketball. Here are some tips on how players can improve their defensive stances.

1. Keep your knees and hips bent so that you are fairly low to the ground, with your posterior being behind the heels. You should almost be in an elevated squat position.

2. Your hands should be active at all times, so avoid keeping them by your sides. How aggressively you use your hands will often depend on your coach’s defensive philosophy, but keeping them down provides more room for attackers to dribble past you.

3. Keep most of your weight on the balls of your feet, allowing for quick shuffling from side to side. Pushing down on your heels limits your movability, particularly when it comes to pivoting.


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